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Posted by Kruciform Kid on July 24, 2012 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Why is Amelia Earhart so famous?

1. She didn't pilot the airplane alone (she had two other licensed pilots with her).

2. She didn't complete her voyage (she crashed), and she never actually "circled the globe".

So if, for example, Charles Lindburgh had another pilot with him, and then never actually crossed the Atlantic to Paris (but rather, crashed); would he have ever become famous? Several other aviators attemped the same flight and failed, and they are not…



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Trade & Economics

The issue of social welfare and individual responsibility has become a topic of international public debate in recent years as politicians around the world now question the legitimacy of state-funded welfare programs. Though financial strife between the people and those who govern has existed throughout history; the concept of "government entitlements" is a relatively recent social concept made more complex by the increasing interconnections between global markets.

Riots in Spain, Extremism on the Rise in Europe
More austerity has led to a fresh eruption of public rage and protests in Spain. The cuts driving the trouble include tax hikes, and the promise of painful pension changes. The protesters say they're being made to pay for the mistakes of politicians and bankers.

Top European Finance Leader Blames US for Crisis
EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, at a news conference during the first day of the G20 summit in Mexico, lays the blame for starting the global economic crisis at North America's feet.

Star Parker: Welfare Dependency Destroys Black Families
Star Parker, admitted former welfare cheat and president of CURE, gives her take on how to fix entitlements, and discusses her book, "Uncle Sam's Plantation".

Government Marketing Food Stamp Entitlements
Food stamps ads hit the air, attempting to convince more Americans to get on welfare. The panel discusses the cause & effect of welfare and the responsiblity of both government and individuals.

QUESTION:  With the global economic crises now approaching its 5th year, can governments afford to continue funding the programs that people have come to expect when times were better? And where does governemt responsibility end, and personal accountability begin? 
(* Use facts & logic in your reasoning.__+Bonus points for identifying rhetorical fallacies *)

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