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Posted by Kruciform Kid on July 24, 2012 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Why is Amelia Earhart so famous?

1. She didn't pilot the airplane alone (she had two other licensed pilots with her).

2. She didn't complete her voyage (she crashed), and she never actually "circled the globe".

So if, for example, Charles Lindburgh had another pilot with him, and then never actually crossed the Atlantic to Paris (but rather, crashed); would he have ever become famous? Several other aviators attemped the same flight and failed, and they are not…



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Science & Technology

Call it Neo-Evolution or Transhumanism; with developments in cybernetics and genome technology, we now possess the knowledge and ability to combine man with machine and, conversely, machine with man... and as a result, the two may never be the same again.

Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution
Over the centuries, scientists speculated that we could tap into the body's electrical system to restore lost functions or enhance our powers, like machines. Today, it's a reality.

Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary
To celebrate the launch of their new game "Deus Ex: Human Revolution", Square Enix have commissioned Eyeborg to investigate prosthetics, cybernetics and human augmentation and ask: how far are we from the future presented in the game?

NOVA: Replacing Body Parts
Custom-made hearts, lungs, and kidneys could revolutionize organ transplantation.

TED: Are We Ready for Neo-Evolution?
Medical ethicist Harvey Fineberg shows us three paths forward for the ever-evolving human species: to stop evolving completely, to evolve naturally -- or to control the next steps of human evolution, using genetic modification, to make ourselves smarter, faster, better. Neo-evolution is within our grasp.

QUESTION:  The relationship between morality and science (and religion and science) has consistently been one of heated debate long before Socrates was executed for impiety (400 years BC).  How has scientific advancement affected our moral and ethical values? Are those changes beneficial to an evolving society?
(* Use facts & logic in your reasoning.__+Bonus points for identifying rhetorical fallacies *)

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