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Posted by Kruciform Kid on July 24, 2012 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Why is Amelia Earhart so famous?

1. She didn't pilot the airplane alone (she had two other licensed pilots with her).

2. She didn't complete her voyage (she crashed), and she never actually "circled the globe".

So if, for example, Charles Lindburgh had another pilot with him, and then never actually crossed the Atlantic to Paris (but rather, crashed); would he have ever become famous? Several other aviators attemped the same flight and failed, and they are not…



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Rhetoric & Fallacies

Fallacies are defects in an argument which cause an argument to be invalid, unsound or weak.  A fallacy is incorrect argumentation in logic and rhetoric resulting in a lack of validity, or more generally, a lack of soundness.

Of the fallacies listed here, how many do you recognize (in yourself or in others)?

Accident Fallacy
Ad Hominem
Affirming the Consequent
Affirming a Disjunct
Appeal to Authority
Appeal to Consequences
Appeal to Emotion
Appeal to Hypocrisy
Appeal to Ignorance
Appeal to Motive
Appeal to Novelty
Appeal to Poverty
Appeal to Tradition
Appeal to Wealth
Argument from Repetition
Argument from Scripture
Argument from Silence
Argumentum ad populum
Association Fallacy
Begging the Question
Black Swan Blindness
Broken Window
Burden of Proof (shifting the)
Cherry Picking
Chronological Snobbery

Circular Cause & Consequence
Continuum Fallacy
Denying the Antecedent
Fallacy of Composition
Fallacy of Division
False Analogy
False Attribution
False Dilemma
Gambler's Fallacy
Hasty Generalization
Historian's Fallacy
Illicit Major
Illicit Minor
Incomplete Comparison
Inconsistent Comparison
Kettle Logic
Loaded Question
Ludic Fallacy
Middle Ground
Mind Projection Fallacy
Misleading Vividness

Missing the Point
Moving the Goalpost
Nirvana Fallacy
No True Scotsman
Overwhelming Exception
Pathetic Fallacy
Poisoning the Well
Post hoc...
Proof by Intimidation
Psychologist's Fallacy
Red Herring
Reductio ad Absurdum
Regression Fallacy
Retrospective Determinism
Shotgun Argumentation
Slippery Slope
Special Pleading
Straw Man
Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Thought-terminating Cliché
Two Wrongs Make a Right
Wrong Direction

“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.” 
~ Plato   

Further Reading:
Complete List of Fallacies

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